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David J. Cichelli is Senior Vice President of The Alexander Group, Inc.®, the well recognized leader in sales effectiveness consulting. As the Practice Manager in Sales Compensation Design and Automation, David provides thought-leadership and best-practice solutions for application of winning sales compensation solutions. He is a frequent speaker at national conferences, industry groups, and corporate meetings.

He is the author of WorldatWork’s (association of compensation professionals) sales compensation design seminar. He teaches sales effectiveness for Columbia University’s Sales Management Program. With over 25 years of consulting experience, David’s clients include leading companies from among most major industries including financial services, hi-tech, software, telecom, wholesale, consumer goods, healthcare, and many others. His partial clients include American Express, AT&T, FedEx and Starbucks. David is the author of numerous sales management related articles and the Book, “Compensating the Sales Force’.

Herewith, I attached the resume of the Sales Force Effectiveness Management, when I involved in his training.

Effective Sales Force Management can be defined into 8 steps as followed:

1. Sales Segments & Objectives
2. Coverage Model
3. Sales Process
4. Job Design & Organization Structure
5. Resource Deployment
6. Sales Talent & Supervision
7. Performance Metrics
8. Quotas & Sales Compensation

To get detail of explanation, please download this file: Sales Force Effectiveness Management Presentation

Have a pleasent reading.


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