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Internet Goes to Schools (IG2S) program drives not only regular schools but also pesantrens (school of Qur’anic studies) which are now start to realize how important the benefits of communication and Internet. One of the TELKOM’s Corporate Social Responsible is called Santri INDIGO Program. INDIGO means Indonesia Digital Community, which initiated by TELKOM. The aim of Santri Indigo Program is to release pesantren community, especially santri-ers (student of Qur’anic studies) and ustadz-ers (teacher of Qur’anic studies), from Internet unintelligent.

Internet Training for Santri Indigo was held in Pesantren Al-Hamiddiyah, Depok, on 22-23 December 2007 and in Pondok Pesantren Modern Al Ikhsan, Bandung, on 23-24 February 2008.

On the 21st Century, people start to enter the conceptual age, therefore civilization and culture are start to drive into the power of creativity. Together with other digital communities, we hope that the santrie-ers can develop empathy and creativity, thus art and beauty can be created and coloring the world. (source: Tempo, 3rd March 2008 )

Santri Indigo Training

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