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Ketika mengunjungi BaliCamp di Bali, pada malam harinya kami makan malam di D’Cost Seafood, Denpasar, Bali.  D’Cost merupakan restoran yang menyediakan makanan dengan mutu yang baik dengan harga yan relatif murah, sesuai dengan tag line D’Cost: Mutu Bintang Lima, Harga Kaki Lima…

Yang menarik dari restoran D’Cost adalah variasi makanan yang banyak, penyajian yang cepat, mutu (rasa) yang baik, ruangan yang bersih dan pelayanan yang baik. Tak heran jika D’Cost selalu penuh oleh pelanggan.

Ruangan yang bersih dan pelayanan yang baik D’Cost

Restoran D’Cost memanfaatkan penggunaan ICT (Information & Communication Technology) dengan baik untuk mempercepat proses order dan delivery. Pelayan-pelayan di D’Cost sudah fasih menggunakan PDA-nya untuk mencatat order pelanggan, yang langsung terkoneksi menggunakan Wi-Fi. Order-order terserbut tercatat dengan baik dalam sebuah database, sehingga dapat dilakukan data mining untuk prioritas masakan yang harus dibuat oleh chef di dapur…

Penggunaan PDA sebagai Order Tool di D’Cost

Wah, salut yah untuk D’Cost… Pertahankan harganya dan tingkatkan terus kualitasnya ya…

Technology is a key resource of profound importance for corporate profitability and growth. It also has enormous significance for the well-being of national economies as well as international competitiveness. Effective management of technology links engineering, science, and management disciplines to address the issues involved in the planning, development, and implementation of technological capabilities to shape and accomplish the strategic and operational objectives of an organisation.

The concept of technology management is quite broad, since it covers not only R&D but also the management of product and process technologies. Viewed from that perspective, the management of technology is actually the practice of integrating technology strategy with business strategy in the company.

This dowloaded article provides the implementation of technology management that have been used by Genentech Inc. It also covers a particular issues imposed on the major strategic options facing the company, provides a Mission Statement for the company and other issues related to the its strategy.

You can dowload the article here: Genentech Article

Other Downloadable Articles & Presentation can be found here: Download Page

Internet Goes to Schools (IG2S) program drives not only regular schools but also pesantrens (school of Qur’anic studies) which are now start to realize how important the benefits of communication and Internet. One of the TELKOM’s Corporate Social Responsible is called Santri INDIGO Program. INDIGO means Indonesia Digital Community, which initiated by TELKOM. The aim of Santri Indigo Program is to release pesantren community, especially santri-ers (student of Qur’anic studies) and ustadz-ers (teacher of Qur’anic studies), from Internet unintelligent.

Internet Training for Santri Indigo was held in Pesantren Al-Hamiddiyah, Depok, on 22-23 December 2007 and in Pondok Pesantren Modern Al Ikhsan, Bandung, on 23-24 February 2008.

On the 21st Century, people start to enter the conceptual age, therefore civilization and culture are start to drive into the power of creativity. Together with other digital communities, we hope that the santrie-ers can develop empathy and creativity, thus art and beauty can be created and coloring the world. (source: Tempo, 3rd March 2008 )

Santri Indigo Training

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